Liver Failure

I don't usually accept set-ups from 85-year old women but Miriam was a hoot . Octogenarians, as a rule, are much more broadminded than I am about matchmaking. I need more than "she has both of her hips". My love life was slow. And there is something to be said about having both of your hips. I took Ellen's number and we met the next week.

Ellen was a nurse, fifty, and divorced. I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. On the phone she had described herself as a "a doll." I kept imagining "Chucky".

We made each other laugh a couple of times over a nice meal. I asked her out for the following week. She said she'd be in the hospital; she was considering donating part of her liver to a very sick friend and needed tests to see if she was compatible. Well, I've heard that beforeā€¦and I started to tell her but no, she meant it. She was checking into Mt. Sinai Monday morning and would love to see me when her liver regenerated.

Now I had a choice to make. What if it didn't regenerate? Did I want to go out with a woman with no liver? And something else. Not everyone has what it takes to give vital organs away to their friends. I just met you and already I'm feeling bad about myself.

Well, in my head at least, we proceeded to have an argument. I told her donating her liver was a passive aggressive thing to do. She said I was selfish and hated my taste in clothes. By the time I dropped her off we had broken up.

Fighting this soon is a very bad sign.
Gotta catch those red flags early.

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"Hi Lanie,
Joan here. Just letting you know that Philip and I are in our 12th year together & very happy. We owe it all to you.

Thanks so much!"

Joan from Amherst

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