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Deirdre & Alex - After Almost 15 Years this Mass Match Couple Is Still Going Strong

I just heard from a couple looking for some historical information about their time at Mass Match to add to their digital scrapbook. So happy to hear they are now married with two children together, and still going strong nearly 15 years after being matched! Thank you Deirdre for updating me with your story and sending in this wonderful photo:

Alex and I are thrilled to have this wonderful piece of history in our lives again. We are profoundly grateful to you... Over the years, I have let friends know about your service and strongly encouraged them to contact you with the story of meeting Alex through you when our paths would have otherwise not crossed. With patience, optimism, humor, and a great matchmaker we found each other's love.

— Deirdre

mass match couple
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"Hi Lanie,
Sent along a couple wedding photos from our simple ceremony along the northern Maine coast in August.
We're doing great!"

Michael, VT

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