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(Daily Hampshire Gazette) "It becomes real-world right away," Maggie said. "She told you not to think of it as a date — it's just a chance to meet."

Lanie also suggested a casual meetup — grabbing coffee, for instance, rather than dinner — before deciding on something more involved.

"It was very different than a lot of dating websites, where you're almost expected to know that it's right before you go on the first date," Mark said. "Which is almost impossible."

"You almost build up expectations that aren't realistic," Maggie added.

Following Lanie's advice, the two met for tea at The Roost in Northampton and had immediate chemistry on their first date, they recalled... Read the full story on

Happy Mass Match couple
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"You may remember Jared and me who met through Mass Match. We've been wonderfully in life together since January 2013. We have moved to CA where we are both thriving and experience such gratitude in the life we share together. And we send much appreciation to you."


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